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The different shades of blue

The entire color spectrum has more than 16 million different colors, far more than the naked eye can distinguish. In the fabrics industry, just like in any color related industry, silk manufacturers use specific pan-tone colors to describe different shades. Instead of naming colors by specific letter and number combinations most people use basic list of colors that gives each shade its own unique name.

When looking at the list of colors for the shades of blue there are 35 different shades of blue (for better view, pleas click image):blue neckties color

When referring to fabrics most poeple don’t go into as much detail as the list above. Instead the 35 shades of blue get summarized into four differnt shades: Light blue shades, blue shades, dark blue shades, and grayish blue shades.

Light blue:

The shades of light blue include:

  • Alice Blue: One of the lightest blue color shades. In fabrics, including silk ties, Alice blue has a white-silver shimmer.
  • Baby Blue: Baby blue has a slightly more blueish tone than Alice blue. It has less of a silver shimmer but rather more turquoise. For silk ties, baby blue is often times called a pastel tone blue and is a popular color for ties worn in the spring and summer, as well as for younger men that just recently started wearing ties.
  • Classic light blue: Again, more blue than baby blue. It is often times called sky blue, although sky blue is its own color shade. Just like baby blue, silk tie manufacturers produce the majority of their light blue silk yarn for the spring and summer fashion.
  • Powder Blue: It is almost indistinguishable to light blue, but at a closer look poweder blue contains a little more silver grayish tone.
  • Electric blue: Electric blue has more of a greenish shimmer and is often times mistaken to Aqua or even turquise. It gets close to both of those colors, but is slightly more blueish whie the others are more of a green shimmer.

Shades of Blue:

The list of the main blue colors is quite wide, and the main colors are:

  • Azure Blue: Azure has slightly more greenish shimmer and is also lighter than the classic Blue tone. In mens fashion Azure blue is rarely used. Women’s fashion often times has this color shade reserved for make-up products.
  • Blue: Although a common color, it is traditionally not used very often in mens fashion, as it appears to bright in color.
  • Royal blue: A classic color for men’s fashion, including neckties.
  • Cobalt Blue: Popular in men’s fashion. In formal attire, cobalt blue is commonly used in necktie designs, as well as suits, and dress shirts.
  • Persian Blue: Classic blue tone for neckties, but not as common in dress shirts and suits.

Shades of dark blue:

  • Dark Blue: Classic blue color for neckties. A very popular color shade for solid color neckties, as it matches well with most suit and shirt combinations.
  • Denim Blue: Uncommon for formal men’s attire. As the name suggests: A characteristic color shade for jeans.
  • Egyptian Blue: Slightly darker shade than the classic dark blue. Egyptian blue appears very elegant and is a common color for classic business neckties.
  • Navy Blue: Common color for both neckties as well as suits. Many designers combine navy blue fabrics with fine gray or white pin stripes in their suits.
  • Midnight Blue: Midnight blue has a large portion of black. It is very common for suits, but slightly less common for neckties as it is a little too dark.
  • Sapphire Blue: Again, very dark blue tone, that is common for suit fabrics. For neckties, sapphire blue is often times combined with other shades of blue in striping patterns.

Grayish Blue:

  • Carolina Blue: In formal men’s fashion this color shade is most common in dress shirts. In necktie designs, Carolina blue is often times combined with other, mostly darker shades of blue.
  • Periwinkle Blue: A very silverish blue tone that is most common for dress shirts. For neckties, periwinkle is very rarely used as the main color shade, but instead used to accentuate other blue or red color shades.
  • Steel Blue: A common blue tone for shirts as well as neckties.